Marshella Galas Issutave Poulette is one of the characters in Seirei no Monogatari

Marshella Galas Issutave Poulette
Marshella Galas Issutave Poulette


Radix of Notoriety.

Grandeur's Epitome.

Wanderer of Poulette.


Nickname(s) Marshella


Ms. Poulette





May 18

Born Place

California, US




American - Japanese


Holy Spirit


Almighty Vulpen, 3-tailed American Red Fox

Appearance Edit

Marshella owns a long, tousled light purple hair that frequently decorated with varies of hair clips, ribbons, and other hair ornaments. Her hair length reached her back, and is usually seen tied in a low, loose twin tails. Her eyes are rather big, and her orbs are violet colored, with twinkles gleaming inside them every time she finds something funny. Her cheeks and lips are quite rosy, but only to give them a slight sweet pinkish tints with delicate features. She is petite in stature, rather elfin-like. Marshella is fair-skinned, with soft-textured skin. For clothes, a simple jacket or sweater (depends on situation and mood) with hoodie, with plain soft purple dress underneath is her favorite. When she is lazing around, she likes to wear a tucked-in shirt, and baggy pants.

Personality Edit

Marshella is— to make it simple, devious. She has issues with behavior and temperature, yet at the same time, she is airheaded, goofy, and clumsy. She likes to act in a (AHEM) seductive manner, and though so, she is undoubtedly still innocent. She is prideful, but generous too. Kind and alluring, but arrogant and spoiled. She is dramatic too; she could say something sorrowful at one second, and after one second passed, she'll turn back into an annoyingly pampered brat. She is elegant, smart, wise, and independent, but could be ambitious, self-centered, impatient, and irritating too.

Abilities Edit

Telekinesis Users can manipulate objects with their mind. Telekinesis is one of the basis of many superpowers that are based on "controlling/manipulating", it may evolve to the point that a Telekinetic can control anything at a subatomic level.

Autokinesis Edit

User can create, shape and manipulate energy, one of the basic quantitative properties describing a physical system or object's state. It can be transformed (converted) among a number of forms that may each manifest and be measurable in differing ways.

Vector Manipulation Edit

The user can change the magnitude and direction (vector ) of an object to maneuver it in the desired way, regardless of pre-existing vectors. This also applies to static or non-moving objects, technicaly speaking, the object still has momentum as it is moving through space. Since nearly everything in existence has vectors, manipulation of them can essentially grant the user an " Absolute Defense" that prevents the user from harm, among many other possibilities.

Geokinesis Edit

Users can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil , etc.

Geo-thermokinesis Edit

User can create, shape and manipulate molten rock (magma while underground, lava when on surface), a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids, it may also contain suspended crystals, dissolved gas and gas bubbles.

Tephrakinesis Edit

User can generate and manipulate burned and/or charred matter, including ash, which as already burnt matter cannot be burned again granting the user immunity against all fire-based powers (i.e. Fire Manipulation, Fire Breathing, Fire Mimicry, and even Hell-Fire Manipulation ). At the same time, it can contain residual heat, causing temperature-based damage.

Levitation Edit

User can cause oneself/subjects/objects to hover/float in the air unassisted, allowing the user to carelessly float in the air and prevent their bodies from making contact with the ground below.

Tychokinesis Edit

The user manipulates the probability of an event to happen, making unlikely things occur more often or instantly and preventing liable events from happening. They can cause and prevent both good and bad luck, sudden deaths, natural disasters, and even apocalyptic events. Users can create a finite pocket of reality-disrupting quasi-psionic force, which upon reaching its intended target, causes disturbance in the molecular-level probability field surrounding the target. Thus, unlikely phenomena will occur. Among the many phenomena are: the sudden melting of gun barrels, the spontaneous combustion of any flammable object, the rapid rust or decay of various organic and inorganic materials, the poltergeist-like deflection of an object in flight, the sudden evacuation of air from a given volume the disruption of energy transmissions and fields, and so on.

Toxokinesis Edit

Users can create, shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances. For the sake of clarity: poison, toxin and venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system: poison is the general word, toxin is a poison produced by an organism (plant, fungus, animal); it is especially used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions, venom is especially used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting.

Shape shift Edit

The user can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body to combat, either by turning into animal, monsters or make the body stronger. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.

Limitation Edit

- Marshella is still learning on all her abilities and thus, cannot use them properly for current as she is still a novice to super powers such as these.

- Marshella could only use half of her power for twice/three times in a day, and if she used it more, it could cause sudden illness, or worst, death.

- Marshella cannot use her powers when she is unfocused/troubled, she needs to concentrate on all of her mind, therefore, if someone interrupts her when she is using her powers, the powers would probably go out of control.

Telekinesis Edit

- May only be capable of moving objects they could physically move.

- May not be able to manipulate magic -based matters/energies.

- Psychic strength may be proportional to user's capacity, meaning an opponent with physical strength stronger than the user's mental strength may break free, or even be immune to the ability altogether.

- May be able to move only the objects that they can see.

- May be unable to move certain objects, or move only certain objects.

- Psychic Energy Absorption can negate this power.

- Could be ineffective against those who control themselves at fundamental levels.

Tychokinesis Edit

- May be connected to emotions.

- May be limited on how many times in a certain period it can be used.

- May require exact measurements of probability.

- Other users of probability manipulation may be immune to probability manipulation or can simply reverse the effects.

- May be limited to causing or preventing likely/ unlikely things happening.

- Limited to things that are possible (can't make the impossible happen, at most the highly unlikely)

- Effort/strength required may be inversely proportional to the likelihood of the event happening (harder to make rarer things happen)

- May be capable affecting the past only if it is unknown (i.e. winning the lottery after having purchased a ticket only if no one knew what numbers were on the ticket, or opening a box and finding it full of gold coins only if no one knew what was supposed to be inside the box nor how much it weighted)

Levitation Edit

- May float uncontrollably.

- Difficult to stabilize at times.

- May be difficult to maneuver, one could hover in one direction but turning on a dime, pitch, yaw, barrel rolls, and other acrobatic feats are difficult to learn.

Geokinesis Edit

- May be unable to create earth, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.

- Distance and the amount of matter depends of the strength and skill of the user.   

- Glass and artificial solids may be hard or impossible to control.

- May not be able to control over extraterrestrial (Alien) elements.

- May be weak against Electricity Manipulation as electricity can travel through the ground and break apart the earth.

Geo-thermokinesis Edit

- May be unable to create molten stone, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.

- Control is extremely important. Unconscious use of this power isn't something to laugh at.

- Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance isn't always part of the package, so burning yourself is possible. Molten stone can be slowed/stopped by water, ice or cold.

Shape shift Edit

- Users may revert back to original form when unconscious.

- Users may require visual or genetic source material for a copy to be made.

- May be limited on how long transformation can last.

- May be unable to add mass, thus maintaining the physical capabilities of it's original form.

- May have to stay near their own size.

- May have trouble with returning to original form.

- May be limited to humanoid shapes (human, werebeasts, etc).

- May retain characteristics of their original form in their new shape (i.e., color scheme, birthmarks, scars, etc.)

- May not be able to change genetic coding (meaning blood type, gender and DNA coding), though this does not limit the user from changing into an animal, liquid form, and such.

- Staying extended periods in single form may start affecting the users behavior or even make them forget their true self.

Vector Manipulation Edit

- May require physical contact.

- May be limited to affecting only matter.

- If the user's version of this power is calculation-based, Enhanced Intelligence may be required.

- Vulnerable to powers that don't have vectors. Attacks of/from a different dimension (i.e. Spatial Slicing) may bypass the "Ultimate Defense" unless the user can manipulate vectors of different dimensions as well.

- Conceptual Attacks, Magic Attack and Mental Attacks that forgoes vector movement can bypass defense.

- May be vulnerable to Remote Teleportation.

- May be vulnerable to instantaneous attacks.

- Telekinetics/Gravity/Magnetism users of a higher level than the user may be able to overcome the "Ultimate Defense" allowing them to attack the user.

- If the user's ability is automatic and set on deflecting all strikes at all times, the opponent can take advantage by attacking, and then quickly pulling away just before contact. This will have the "reverse vector" to reverse the pulling away, allowing the opponent to punch the user, which in fact can increase the power of the punch, thus bypassing the "absolute defense".

- Users may be limited to controlling certain amount of vectors at a time (e.g can only manipulating gravity vector), and therefore being distracted with one task may leave them open for an attack.

- If User doesn't have Enhanced Endurance, they may be defeated by simply tiring them out.

- If user has no Enhanced Lung Capacity or Oxygen Independence, then they can be defeated by using knock-out gas or Deoxygenation.

Toxokinesis Edit

- May be unable to create poison, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.

- May lack Poison Immunity, making mistakes in manipulation harmful to the users as well.