Cylinder – シリンダ
Cylinder's current form
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'6 Feet
Weight Unknown

Cylinder (シリンダ –Shirinda) is one of  Seirei no Monogatari series who's known as the most problematic character of all character in series.

Cylinder (シリンダ –Shirinda) was one of Planet 551’s successful products, with a codename as C –V01 she was known as a Problematic Humanoid on Planet 551. Was accused as Criminal Mastermind of Smuggling, Hacking Cosmic Networks, And Selling the files to the Black Market. After many incident which caused by Cylinder, the Planet 551 Arrested her with Death Penalty, which it’s frozen in the Chamber. After million years, One of NASA –Earth’s astronaut found her frozen body in the Chamber (Which it’s actually the other side of the Moon). Sent to the Earth as Specimen –And ended reboot as an Artificial Life being –Glitch. Which she can changing herself into Program or even back to her Life being body.


Cylinder described as straight-forward girl with no morals. She also shown to be indifferent about her look. She doesn’t care much about her surroundings or even the people, due to lack of emotional understanding. She also can’t feel pain nor fear, and mistook people to assume her as the heartless one. However, she seems can feels emotions of agony and losing when she almost losing her companion, Zerg. In her daily life, Cylinder appears to be the energetic one and always commenting about everything she sees. She also has a bad habit which it’s calling people with weird nicknames. She also shown to be casually flirting with cute boys or girls. Even ‘tho she appears to be shameless, she can be shy and nervous towards certain person. Her Characteristic’s alignment might be: Chaotic Neutral.Abilities:


- Cylinder afraid of Water

- Cylinder favorite bands are Rolling Stones and The Killers

- Cylinder found Zerg in Citadel Dungeon on Planet 551

- Cylinder take interest on Carson and Osama for particular reason

- Cylinder's sexual orientation might be Bisexual